Rise From Your Grave!!!


Good old memories, will never forget that voice from Altered Beast. Anyways I took a long break over the winter and shut the servers down for a while. Not sure if anyone plays or even read this so they might not have been missed. NWN and WoW are back anyways. I have not done any updates in ages but maybe I will eventually get around to it and to bring back the other servers.

DnD Figurines – First Batch

So I attended GenCon 2014 and had a blast! So much to do. So much fun! So much to buy! But me been cheap instead of buying finished expensive figurines I saw a place that sold molds. So I figured that if I buy the molds I can have as many models as I want. And hopefully I will get better at it as I go. This is my first batch. I am surprised how nice it looks already even without been painted. Even the floor tiles which I decided to cast with left overs and the stuff I scraped from the other molds because yes I am that cheap that I even saved the scrapings: