Returnal Feels Like An Actual PS5 Game

A busted spaceship. An uncharted exoplanet teeming with hostile life. An emphasis on scanning objects, upgrading equipment, and retracing your footsteps. Those might sound like core components of a new Metroid Prime, but they’re not, at least not in this case. They’re the ingredients of a riveting—if somewhat…

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Fans Criticize Poor Timing Of In-Person Twitch Star Uno Tournament

Last night, esports and lifestyle organization 100 Thieves held an all-star streamer Uno tournament featuring Twitch and YouTube stars like Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, Ali “Myth” Kabbani, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, Ludwig Ahgren, Hasan Piker, and the Botez sisters, whose otherworldly skill at chess sadly did not quite…

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Source: Kotaku – Fans Criticize Poor Timing Of In-Person Twitch Star Uno Tournament

Muppet Man Will Bring Jim Henson's Life Story to the Big Screen

A long-awaited project for the Jim Henson Company is finally taking a step toward production: Muppet Man, a biopic of puppeteering legend Jim Henson (The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth), has a writer aboard to pen a script about Henson’s remarkable career.

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Amazon One's Palm-Scanning Payments Are Coming To Whole Foods

Amazon One is now testing its palm-scanning payment technology in Whole Foods, starting with a single store in Amazon’s home city of Seattle. The Verge reports: The company has been using Amazon One payment technology in its Amazon-branded stores in the Seattle area (including Amazon Go and Amazon Books), but the Whole Foods rollout will make the most substantial expansion of the technology yet. The company says that thousands of customers have already signed up with Amazon One. According to an Amazon FAQ, the palm-scanning technology analyzes “the minute characteristics of your palm — both surface-area details like lines and ridges as well as subcutaneous features such as vein patterns” in order to identify a customer, allowing them to use the biometric scan as an alternative (and, theoretically, faster) method of checking out than fumbling around with a credit card or cash.

Customers will be able to register their palms at kiosks in the supported Whole Foods stores, allowing them to associate a physical credit card to that palm scan. And of course, Amazon One users will be able to link their Prime accounts to their scans to get the subscription service’s discounts when shopping. Amazon One will debut at the Madison Broadway Whole Foods in Seattle as an additional payment option for customers, with plans to expand it to seven other Whole Foods stores in the Seattle area over the next few months. Amazon hasn’t announced plans to further build out the palm-scanning payment system outside of the Seattle area.

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Congrats to OnePlus for Making Its Smartwatch Slightly Less Awful

The OnePlus Watch launch was catastrophic. Never had a flagship smartwatch since’s infamous Puls smartwatch failed in such spectacular fashion. I recently wrote 2,000 words about how it was the worst smartwatch I’ve ever used. Today OnePlus pushed out an over-the-air update that claims to fix some of the…

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Postal Service Cops Are Monitoring Social Media, 'Sensitive' Internal Document Says

Add another pushpin to the string wall of America’s shadowy force of postal service cops. Yahoo News reports that the USPS’s security arm, the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), monitored social media for potential threats of domestic violence. According to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) memo…

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Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Has Written a Very Peculiar Superhero Comic

The Mother of Dragons conquered Westeros; now, she’s coming for the comics industry. Actor Emilia Clarke—who just recently joined the MCU—has written a new superhero comic for Image. It’s titled M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, and it involves significantly more heroin-addicted raccoons than I would have guessed.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone's Nukes Finally Went Off

Today, Call of Duty: Warzone’s long-teased zombies and nuke event finally kicked off. A zombie-infested map led to a full-on kaboom that not only marked the end of Season Two, but the destruction of Verdansk. But we haven’t actually seen the last of Verdansk just yet: The nuke live event was just the beginning of

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Daily Mail Owner Sues Google Over Search Results

The owner of the Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnline website is suing Google over allegations the search engine manipulates search results. The BBC reports: Associated Newspapers accuses Google of having too much control over online advertising and of downgrading links to its stories, favoring other outlets. It alleges Google “punishes” publishers in its rankings if they don’t sell enough advertising space in its marketplace. Google called the claims “meritless.”

Associated Newspapers’ concerns stem from its assessment that its coverage of the Royal Family in 2021 has been downplayed in search results. For example, it claims that British users searching for broadcaster Piers Morgan’s comments on the Duchess of Sussex following an interview with Oprah Winfrey were more likely to see articles about Morgan produced by smaller, regional outlets. That is despite the Daily Mail writing multiple stories a day about his comments around that time and employing him as a columnist. In response, a Google spokesperson said: “The Daily Mail’s claims are completely inaccurate. The use of our ad tech tools has no bearing on how a publisher’s website ranks in Google search. More generally, we compete in a crowded and competitive ad tech space where publishers have and exercise multiple options. The Daily Mail itself authorizes dozens of ad tech companies to sell and manage their ad space, including Amazon, Verizon and more. We will defend ourselves against these meritless claims.”

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Signal's CEO Just Hacked the Cops' Favorite Phone Cracking Tool and Became a Legend

Cellebrite, which is a favorite of law enforcement agencies across the U.S., sells software designed to unlock phones and extract their data. Police frequently use it to gather evidence from seized devices. In the past, the company has received criticism for its willingness to sell to pretty much any…

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Source: Gizmodo – Signal’s CEO Just Hacked the Cops’ Favorite Phone Cracking Tool and Became a Legend

Apple AirTags Have Created a Whole New World of Accessories

Apple’s little Bluetooth location-tracking AirTags are finally here and ready to be attached to your key rings, luggage handles, or whatever else you tend to lose and would very much like to find again. Sure, you can absolutely buy an AirTag and throw it in a bag without any covering whatsoever, but you’ll probably…

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[$] Intentionally buggy commits for fame—and papers

A buggy patch
posted to the linux-kernel mailing list in early April was apparently the
straw for Greg Kroah-Hartman as it led to the planned reversion of a whole slew of
commits with one thing in common: their origin at the University of
Minnesota (UMN). The patch to the NFSv4 authorization mechanism was duly
questioned by two NFS developers, but it is
not an honest mistake; according to Kroah-Hartman, there has been an attack
of sorts underway as part of some academic research at the university. In
order to be sure that these intentional bugs, many with security
implications, do not continue to haunt Linux, he is working
on reverting commits that came from email addresses with the domain.

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Belarusian Regime's Thugs Shut Down Imaguru, the Country's Key Startup Hub

An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: After visits by unnamed masked intruders and the cancellation of its lease, Imaguru — the country’s key startup hub, event and co-working space in Minsk — has effectively been shut down by the Lukashenko regime, which has led a brutal crackdown on its own people in recent months. But the company behind the space says it will defy the authorities and continue its activities online.

Since 2013, Imaguru had become known as being the birthplace of a large number of startups from Belarus, including MSQRD, acquired by Facebook in 2017 — as well as a landing pad for international investors visiting the country. Startups that have emerged from the space have attracted over $100 million in investments in recent years. The “Imaguru Startup HUB” leased the space from “Horizon Holding” in 2013, when it took over a dilapidated building from a state-owned company. But on April 16, 2021, Horizon told Imaguru it was unilaterally terminating its lease and the startup space has been given until April 30 to vacate. Imaguru says there has been no reason given for the lease termination, despite Horizon calling Imaguru a “flagship” leasehold for its property business.

To outside observers, it looks like Horizon has come under pressure because of Imaguru’s active support of the pro-democracy protests inside the country. In early March, unidentified men wearing masks broke into the office, “blocked the exit, put young event attendees against the wall, and brought them to the police station” said the company. […] In recent months, the startup hub came out in solidarity with the protests inside the country following last year’s tainted elections, recorded videos of solidarity with PandaDoc, who’s employees have been jailed, and supported the general strike on October 26, 2020. In a statement, Imaguru said it is “not silent about lawlessness, repressions and persecution against civilians who defend their rights to an honest and fair choice … Not silent about the regime shutting down the business, investment and startup environment … Not silent about the massive relocation of startups from Belarus, about the catastrophe of this for the country and the role of the High Tech Park in this process.”

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